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Guide to Matchplay/Tournaments


Players of a similar ability will go up against each other, although this is not always guaranteed as it depends on who enters.

Format: Round Robin or Compass Draw


Seeded players will be separated into the draw.

Format: Either a round robin format with players from each group playing their respective winners. Or a Knockout Draw with a Consolation Draw.


Scoring System

Red Ball: First to 10pt Championship Tie-Break.

Orange Ball: First Player to two sets of 7pt Tie-Break. If 1 set all play deciding set.

Green Ball: First to 4 games. Sudden death deuce for each game. Win the Set 4-0, 4-1, 4-2, 5-3, 5-4. If 4-4 play a Tie break to 7 to decide the outcome.

Yellow Ball: First to 1 set of 6 Games. Sudden death deuce for each game. Win as follows 6-0, 6-1, 6-2, 6-3, 6-4, 7-5, 7-6. Tie Beak at 6-6.

All Tie-Breaks must be won by two points clear.


How Tie-Breaks Work?

Player who starts the game has 1 service point from the right side. Returner Serves the next two points from the left then right. Back to player who started to serve from the left then right and this repeats two service points each time. Every 6 pts players are to change ends. Applicable to Orange/Green/Yellow only.

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British Tennis Membership

To play in LTA tournaments/matches you have to have British Tennis Membership (BTM) which is part of the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA).

BTM is free to join (as a member of a tennis club and 8U) and will only take a couple of minutes to sign up. click here to sign up for British Tennis Membership.

Once you’re a member you can improve your LTA rating and view recorded results.


Playing in Tournaments is important for all abilities and they will learn from their experience’s. Entering you’re first tournament is a great achievement, now get started.




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What is Matchplay?

A great way to practice matches. There are no 1st, 2nd, 3rd places etc.

Why play in Matchplay?

Match experience is a great way to improve development of playing standard. Players go through many emotions when participating in a match, those with more experience are better at handling certain game situations. Results will also count towards LTA ratings.

Tournaments will take place during school holidays.



To book the following events simply email here and pay below. Please note there are limited spaces.

All entries must be completed 7 days before the event.

Cancellation: Refunds will only be given with 7 days notice.

HALF TERM Red Ball TournamentThursday
15th of February
11am - 1pm£12
HALF TERM Orange Ball
15th of February
1.30pm - 3-4pm£12
HALF TERM Green Ball Tournament Thursday
15th of February
1.30pm - 3-4pm£12
HALF TERM Yellow Ball TournamentFriday
16th of February
11am - 2-3pm£12
Red Ball MatchplaySUNDAY
25th of February
11.30am - 1pm£10
Green Ball MatchplaySUNDAY
25th FEB
1.30pm - 3pm£10
Orange Ball MatchplaySATURDAY
24th of February
2pm - 3.30pm£10
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Player Leader Board

Players can accumulate points by playing in matches and winning them. The player who is top will receive a Free private tennis lesson! Term will end on the 31st of March.

4pts for playing a match

2pts for a win


Below is just an example.

Player Name
Pts for matches
Pts for Wins
Win %
Pete Watson44168241
Felix Cattery52204240.4
Maya Haria42164200.5
Clive Scrivener42164200.5
Nikita Mistry33126181
Pete Willcox32124160.66666666666667
Ben Cullen40160160
Junho Ho31122140.33333333333333
Hussain Azaad31122140.33333333333333
Anaha Parmar31122140.33333333333333
James Farrell2284121
Gary Dunes2182100.5
George Wearing208080


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