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Entries accepted upto 3 days before the event.

Cancellation: Refunds will only be given with 3 days notice.

Red Ball Saturday 2nd March1-3pm£8
Orange BallSunday 3rd March1-3pm£8
Green BallSaturday 16th March 1-4pm£8
Yellow Ball Saturday 16th March 1-4pm £8
Red BallSaturday 30th March1-3pm£8
Orange BallSunday 31st March 1-3pm £8

British Tennis Membership

To play in LTA tournaments/matches you have to have a British Tennis Membership (BTM) number which is part of the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA).

BTM is free to join (as a member of a tennis club or as a 8U), this will only take a couple of minutes to sign up. click here to sign up for British Tennis Membership.

Once you’re a member you can improve your LTA rating and view recorded results.

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