Mini Red 5-9yrs

1 Hour sessions for 5-8yrs

To Enrol for the courses below please make sure you have registered with us. Registration Form is at the top of the page.

If you have attended a course there is no need to register again.

Mini Red Progression 3 Classes (Beginners)

Progression 3 is aimed at beginners/young players and those who have attended less than 3 terms.

Red Tennis 5-8yrs Progression 3

 Mini Red Progression 1 & 2 Classes

Progressions 1 & 2 is for 6-8 yrs with more experience. They will have good Co-ordination and athletic abilities. Ideal for 9Yr old Beginners!

Red Tennis 6-9yrs Progression 1 & 2

Progression 3: This class will have more focus on improving hand eye co-ordinatioin and athletic abilty. They will also cover the basic swings in all tennis shots. They will have to pass Red 5 to go onto progressions 1 & 2.

Progression 1 & 2: Players will have good Co-ordination and know how to hit the main shots in tennis which are Serves, Returns, Forehands/Backhands and Volleys. They will be improving their technique and understanding basic tactics of tennis.