What we do

Group Coaching

Junior group coaching is for those who wish to improve their tennis skills with others of a similar age and ability. Each session will cover different aspects of the game and they will relate from one session to the next. All sessions include technical, tactical, physical and mental skills.


Tennis Camps

During the holiday period, tennis camps take place. A great way to get going or even develop your skills in the game. They are always great fun. See above tab for more details.


Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is a great way for juniors to either catch up to others of a similar age or advance away from the field and play in regional competitions. 30 minute, 45 minute and 1 hour lessons are available.


Mini Tennis

Mini Tennis has 4 different developments, with a variation of tennis balls, tennis rackets and court sizes. It is designed to make tennis an easier sport to play for young/new players to the game. Tots is for 3-4yr olds, Mini Red is for those who are 8 and under, Mini Orange is for 8-10yr olds and Mini Green is for 9-11yr olds depending on ability.



Competition is a very important part of developing a players mental skill. The first stage to playing in a competition is entering the clubs internal competitions and attending junior practice sessions (members only). Please visit the tournaments page to see when the next tournament is.


Tennis Parties

We offer fun, game based birthday parties covering fitness and tennis games. Ages that we offer are from 6-10yr olds. Experience of playing tennis is not necessary.

Duration of the session is 2 – 2.5 hours(1 – 1.5 hours of tennis and 1 hour in the hall, eating and celebrating). Facilities of the hall include kitchen, tables, chairs etc.

No. of Children Cost
5-8 £
9-12 £
12-16 £

Plus hire of Hall which is £40.

Please contact us for fees