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Why Play Tennis

Tennis is a great game which is enjoyed by all backgrounds. It is a sport that can be played from early years all the way into your senior years.

Personal benefits from tennis include:

  • Health
  • Physical
  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Mental
  • Social

Improving your tennis also increases your problem solving skills by constantly evaluating and making quick decisions on where to play and predict where the ball will be played.

Try today and get going in our Tennis Programmes.

Schools Registration Form

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Guide to Matchplay/Tournaments


A great way to practice matches. There are no 1st, 2nd, 3rd places etc.

Why play in Matchplay?

Match experience is a great way to improve development of playing standards. Players go through many emotions when participating in a match, those with more experience are better at handling certain game situations. Results will also count towards LTA ratings.

Format: Round Robin or Compass Draw



Seeded players will be separated into the draw.

Format: Either a round robin format with players from each group playing their respective winners. Or a Knockout Draw with a Consolation Draw.

Prizes will be given out at Tournaments.

Scoring System

Red Ball: First to 10pt Championship Tie-Break.

Orange Ball: First Player to two sets of 7pt Tie-Break. If 1 set all play deciding set.

Green Ball: First to 4 games. Sudden death deuce for each game. Win the Set 4-0, 4-1, 4-2, 5-3, 5-4. If 4-4 play a Tie break to 7 to decide the outcome.

Yellow Ball: First to 1 set of 6 Games. Sudden death deuce for each game. Win as follows 6-0, 6-1, 6-2, 6-3, 6-4, 7-5, 7-6. Tie Beak at 6-6.

All Tie-Breaks must be won by two points clear.



To book please fill out the Tournament Application form. Book Early to not miss out.

Entries accepted upto 5 days before the event, limited spaces first come first served basis.

Cancellation: Refunds will only be given with 3 days notice.


Red Ball
Orange Ball
Green Ball
Yellow Ball

British Tennis Membership

To play in LTA tournaments/matches you have to have a British Tennis Membership (BTM) number which is part of the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA).

BTM is free to join (as a member of a tennis club or as a 8U), this will only take a couple of minutes to sign up. click here to sign up for British Tennis Membership.

Once you’re a member you can improve your LTA rating and view recorded results.

Tournament Entry Form

Junior Courses

Lessons will be taken by a fully qualified L.T.A. tennis coach. Tennis coaches are D.B.S. checked and are fully licensed.

All the basic tennis shots practiced into a game situation with each session building from the last. More advanced groups will learn more tactical situations. Please bring your own tennis racket to the sessions.

The coaching programme caters for all abilities including; Beginner’s, Improver’s, Intermediate and Advanced with our performance sessions.

Weekly Timetable

Tennis will resume in due course

Venue: Kenton Lawn Tennis Club, HA3 8UB

Mon5pm – 6pmRed Ball5-8 yrs
Mon5pm – 6pmOrange/Green Ball8-11yrs
Mon6pm – 7pmYellow Advanced Team players12yrs +
Wed4pm – 5pmRed Ball5-8yrs
Wed4pm – 5pmOrange/Green Ball8-11yrs
Wed5pm – 6pmYellow Ball Improver/Int11yrs +
Sat9am – 10amYellow Ball
11yrs +
Sat9am – 10amRed Ball5-8yrs
Sat10am – 11amOrange & Green Ball8-11yrs
Sat11am – 12pmYellow Ball
*MEMBERS OF KENTON LTC Receive discount for more info please email us


Pay for course’s via the drop-down menu. Once payment is made you will be automatically added to the course. (if you haven’t registered with us before, please do so before paying. Registration Form)


If you are unable to continue with your course mid-way through, we will not be able to issue refunds. We will consider exceptional circumstances if you have had to withdraw near to the start of your course, in which case we would consider refunding some of the cost of the course.

If a session has to be cancelled due to poor weather then there will be no refund. In the case that the coach is unable to take a session and it has to be cancelled due to sickness or other circumstances, credit towards a following course or a refund will be offered.

If anyone in your household has COVID symptoms or is suppose to self isolate please do not attend coaching sessions. We can offer credit for missed lessons due to this circumstance.


All of those who attend a course must have filled out the online registration form. You will not be allowed to take part in any sessions until this is done so. Online Registration Click Here

p.n. Once registered you don’t have to register again. Unless notified!

If you wish to join a group session please email us at there is limited availability.

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Mini Green 10/11yrs

Coaching for 10/11yrs

To Enrol for the courses below please make sure you have registered with us. Registration Form is on the top on the page.

If you have attended a course there is no need to register again.

Improving Athleticism, Tactics and Technique.

Those who are beginners may be better of learning on the Orange Ball to work on receiving skills and technique. This course may also be ideal for 12/13yr beginners.

Mini Orange 9-10yrs (Experienced 8yr olds)

1 hour coaching sessions 9/10yrs

To Enrol for the courses below please make sure you have registered with us. Registration Form is on the top on the page.

If you have attended a course there is no need to register again.

Improving Athletism, Technique and tactics of the game.

If a beginner a Mini Red Class Progression 1/2 may be better to start with.

Mini Red 5-9yrs

1 Hour sessions for 5-9yrs

To Enrol for the courses below please make sure you have registered with us. Registration Form is at the top of the page.

If you have attended a course there is no need to register again.

Progression 1 & 2: This class will have more focus on improving hand eye co-ordinatioin and athletic abilty. They will also cover the basic swings in all tennis shots. They will have to pass Red 10 to go onto progression 3.

Progression 3: Players will have good Co-ordination and know how to hit the main shots in tennis which are Serves, Returns, Forehands/Backhands and Volleys. They will be improving their technique and understanding basic tactics of tennis.

 Mini Red Progression 1 & 2 Classes

Progression 1 & 2 is aimed at beginners/young players and those who have attended less than 3 terms.

Progression 3 is for 6-8 yrs with more experience. They will have good co-ordination and athletic abilities. Ideal for 9yr old beginners!